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Thank you for booking an appointment!

Thank you for booking an appointment.  You will receive: 

  1. A confirmation text and email of your appointment

  2. An email with the paperwork to e-sign

  3. Directions to the clinic the day of the appointment


See you soon!


Michelle, Kelowna

Dr. Cary is amazing at his profession. He is very professional and will ensure you are feeling your best when you leave his clinic. I recommend Dr. Cary to anyone seeking treatment, or looking to improve their overall well-being.

Fernanda, Kelowna

For years I had a back pain and I went to see Dr. Cary and I can say I am 100% better ! He is amazing and I am really thankful to him! For me he is amazing!

Mike, Kelowna

Dr Cary Yurkiw is definitely the top chiropractor I have ever seen. In the past I have been to other chiropractors but thank God I finally found someone that has helped me. His knowledge, adjustments and bedside manner is outstanding! A true professional! Thank you Dr Yurkiw!

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