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Why I use x-rays in the clinic for diagnosis and assessment

Hi there! My name is Dr. Cary Yurkiw. Why do I use x-rays in the clinic for diagnosis and assessment?

⭐ Ice reduces pain and inflammation and is best used within 72 hours after injury

⭐ Heat is best after 72 hours when it can help speed up healing and increase flexibility

I am accepting new patients. To book an appointment in the clinic:

✅ Call or text 250-486-0062 to book a new patient appointment

✅ Click here or copy and this paste this link into your browser to book:

✅ You do not need to see a doctor to come and see me

✅ I have digital x-rays on site if needed, as well as Shockwave and Laser

Why come to my office?

➡️ I am accepting new patients now

➡️ Most new patients are seen the same or the next day

➡️ We bill directly to insurance companies

➡️ Open 7 days a week and on holidays, some days until 7 pm

➡️ I have helped thousands of patients with their health over many years of practice

Click here to book: and see you soon!

*Please consult with your health care provider before doing anything new

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