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Taping for sprained joints by Dr. Cary Yurkiw, Chiropractor in Kelowna

Recently, I had the personal experience of having my knee taped. I was heading from an injury and my therapist taped my knee to help support my knee.

I am so happy to report that my knee is healing and I thought I would share with you how I have used KT tape in the clinic recently for my patients.

One patient came in with tendonitis in her wrist. After an assessment, I was able to determine that the tendonitis was being caused by a chopping movement with the wrist repetitively going up and down.

I checked the alignment of the wrist and the joints around it. Then I did adjustments to re-align the wrist and improve the function. To promote healing, I used Shockwave therapy directly on the swollen and painful areas. Then I taped the tendon path from the forearm across the wrist and reinforced the retinaculum, a band wrapping around the wrist with KT tape.

The second patient came in with sprained ribs from a hockey injury. After assessment and treatment for the alignment and function, I taped the patient's ribs and gave him instructions for home.

I am pleased that his ribs are healing and that the pain is almost gone. I will monitor his progress for a full recovery.

If you are interested in getting KT tape, it is good to have some on hand for sprains and strains. To get a roll, click here:

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