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Rotator Cuff injury

Today I saw a patient with a rotator cuff injury. It was a new injury because the patient started doing push-ups as part of his regular routine.

The rotator cuff is composed of 4 muscles in the shoulder blade region. The most common tendon to get "pinched" is the supraspinatus tendon. Often, it causes pain by raising the arm sideways, away from the body, which is called abduction.

Once I have a good history and do an examination, then I start with treatment. For this patient, I did an adjustment to help the alignment of the shoulder and mobilized the joint to increase the range of motion.

Other treatments that I often add to rotator cuff injuries are:

  1. Ice and heat, depending on the injury

  2. Taping the area with K-tape to reinforce the joint. Here is the product I use:

  3. Stretches and exercises to help restore alignment and movement

  4. Shockwave and laser to help the tissues heal

  5. Strengthening to prevent re-injury

Sometimes, other joints are affected because of the shoulder injury. This can include the neck area and upper back. Then a more global perspective may be necessary, which may include spinal and posture adjustments so the whole body works together again.