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Rib muscle strength

Recently, I had a few patients with rib pain in the clinic. There are 12 ribs on the left and 12 on the right that attach to the spine and sternum. As Chiropractors, we can adjust any joint in the body that moves. This includes the ribs.

Our main focus is the overall posture and alignment. As we make adjustments to the spine to re-align it, sometimes that is enough to get the ribs back in place.

Other times, we need to adjust the ribs too because they may be stuck or do not move with the spine. I like to use the instrument to adjust the ribs because it is very specific and gentle.

Then we want to give the patient stretches to increase the flexibility of the ribs. And finally strengthening for rib stability and core.

As I was doing my research, I came across this video on YouTube

and thought it would be really helpful if a patient is at that stage of care where they need strengthening of their rib muscles to help keep the ribs in place.

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