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Neck Pain Can Travel into the Shoulders: A Chiropractic Perspective

Neck pain is a common complaint among people of all ages and can significantly impact daily activities. If left untreated, neck pain can travel into the shoulders, causing discomfort and limiting mobility.

This was the case with a recent patient of Dr. Cary Yurkiw, a chiropractor at Tutt Street Family Chiropractic in Kelowna, Canada. The patient experienced "charlie horse" like electrical pain shooting into his upper back from his neck, which made it difficult for him to swing his golf club by more than 50%. However, chiropractic adjustments provided relief and restored his ability to golf pain-free.

Various factors, such as poor posture, muscle strain, or injury, can cause neck pain. When the neck muscles become tight or injured, they can pull on the shoulder muscles, causing pain and tension in that area. Additionally, the nerves that run through the neck and into the shoulders can become irritated, leading to shooting pain or numbness.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions, including neck pain that travels into the shoulders. Chiropractic adjustments involve manipulating the spine to improve joint mobility and reduce pain. These adjustments can help realign the spine, reducing pressure on the nerves and muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Dr. Cary Yurkiw, a Tutt Street Family Chiropractic chiropractor, has helped numerous patients with neck pain that travels into the shoulders. He uses a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and exercise rehabilitation to treat the underlying cause of the pain and prevent it from returning.