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Low Back and Leg Flexibility by Dr. Cary Yurkiw, Chiropractor in Kelowna

Today, I want to share some low back and leg yoga and stretching. Stretching is an important part of recovery and healing. I like to give stretches as the patient's pain is reducing and the adjustments in the clinic are increasing joint flexibility. (consult with your health professional before starting something new)

Here are my top 3:




🧘🏿DOWNWARD FACING DOG - I like this pose because it works the low back and tailbone area. It opens up the joint and repetitively stretches the area and increases circulation in the joint

🧘🏿WARRIOR -this is a great pose to open the hip and knee joints and create more flexibility

🧘🏿TRIANGLE - this is a great pose for your hips, thighs and low back

If you would like to know more, please come to our free webinar by getting a ticket here, and read this article with different poses: