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Do you have Back Pain? by Dr. Cary Yurkiw, Chiropractor in Kelowna

Back Pain is one of the most common conditions that people experience. Back Pain rivels the Common Cold for the most number of doctor visits.

In my practice, I have seen people with Back Pain because:

  1. Mis-alignments of the spine

  2. Pinched nerves

  3. Discs

  4. Muscle and Ligament Sprains

  5. Sport and Work Injuries

  6. Car Accidents

I like this article on Back Pain. If you or someone you know has back pain:

  • Join us for our Back Pain webinar. Tickets are free, but space is limited. Get a ticket by clicking here.

  • Book an appointment at our clinic in Kelowna by clicking here. It's easy and will take 2-3 minutes to book.